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Stay safe on our roads this holiday

AS the Bank Holiday weekend begins attention again focuses to safety on our roads. Many thousands of motorists will be on the move in the coming 72 hours.

In addition to increased traffic volumes, this weekend will also witness icy weather and the turning back of the clocks, which will see us driving in darker conditions.

Tragically 141 people have lost their lives on Irish roads to date in 2012.

While this is five less than the corresponding figure for 2011 it nonetheless indicates the still lethal dangers of our roads.

Every driver needs to heed the garda Bank Holiday safety message and exercise the utmost caution.

Likewise pedestrians, cyclists and other road users must stay vigilant.

Gardai will be out in force in the coming days, mounting checkpoints and monitoring speeds.

We urge all readers to drive safely in the coming days. Your life, and the lives of others, depend on it.