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State witness gave evidence against former pal

Notorious Dublin criminal Fergus O'Hanlon, who admitted that he helped bury the body of tragic Mariora Rostas in January 2008, is now in a Witness Protection Programme.

O'Hanlon from Rathmines, south Dublin, gave evidence in the trial of his former pal, Alan Wilson.

It was O' Hanlon who brought gardai to the body of the tragic teenager which was discovered wrapped in plastic in a foetal position in a shallow grave in the Wicklow Mountains in January 2011.

Former heroin addict O'Hanlon was granted immunity from prosecution but the defence argued that his evidence was self-serving and full of lies.

Ultimately it seems that the jury did not believe O' Hanlon's evidence and his former pal Wilson was cleared of the murder of the 18-year-old girl yesterday.

During his cross-examination at the dramatic trial, O' Hanlon often lost his temper and used swear words as he spoke in an accent that was similar to the character 'Nidge' in Love/Hate.


He was brought to the courts' complex in Dublin's Parkgate Street from prison every day under an escort from armed gardai who were also present in the court room while he gave evidence. Security was tight and officers searched everyone who came into the court.

O' Hanlon will now be given a new identity when he finishes his short jail sentence and will move abroad.

Sources have revealed that statements that he gave to gardai resulted in 11 guns being discovered as well as hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Investigations later established that one of the handguns had been used in a gangland murder over seven years ago.

The secret stash of weapons were found at locations which included under the concrete patio of a property in the Crumlin area as well as buried in the ground in a number of parks in south Dublin, including Bushy Park in Terenure.

The deadly arsenal included a magnum handgun, shotguns, a .22 rifle as well as assorted ammunition.

Specialist officers carried out detailed tests on the 11 firearms that were discovered and it has since emerged that one of the handguns was used to murder drug dealer David 'Boogie' Brett in 2007 in north county Cork.