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'Startling' fame of sister Pippa

PIPPA Middleton has admitted she is still struggling to comprehend her new-found celebrity status and the attention on her figure following the marriage of her sister Kate to Prince William.

The 29-year-old admitted she is still coming to terms with her celebrity status -- and the focus on her bottom -- that followed the British royal wedding last year.

In her new book, called Celebrate: A Year Of British Festivities, she writes that it is "startling" to be thrust into the spotlight but admits that fame has its "upside and its downside".

US scientists record owl calls

SCIENTISTS in Yosemite National Park are eavesdropping on forest creatures, to gain a greater understanding of a rare species of Great Grey Owls.

They number fewer than 200 around the park, and even the slightest human intervention can disrupt breeding and feeding cycles.

Scientists at the US national park are using specially-developed software to discern the low-frequency owl calls, in an effort to determine their numbers and rates of reproduction.

Greens beat Merkel's party

THE German city of Stuttgart has elected Green candidate Fritz Kuhn as mayor, with Chancellor Angela Merkel's party losing power for the first time in almost 40 years.

Mr Kuhn will be the centre-left party's first mayor in a German state capital.

Mr Kuhn received 52.9pc of the vote and Sebastian Turner, an independent candidate running for Ms Merkel's centre-right bloc, secured 45.3pc.

After 80 years, spoons return

THREE small, silver spoons engraved with the words Waldorf Astoria have come full circle after they were stolen eight decades ago.

They have since passed through two Brooklyn homes and another three in New Jersey, and this month they were taken back to the grand US hotel as part of a new Waldorf "amnesty programme" that seeks pilfered hotel property, no questions asked.

The spoons have joined dozens of other returned items, including teapots, creamers and a sugar bowl.