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Star visited clinic days before death

Gerry Ryan visited a state-of-the-art Dublin health clinic just days before his tragic death.

The Herald can reveal that he had personally booked an appointment with a Euromedic facility in Dublin 4.

The broadcaster, who died from a suspected heart attack, paid a visit to the southside clinic late last week amid certain health concerns.

It is understood that one of the issues he cited was a problem with his sinuses.

Described as a leading diagnostic provider, the Euromedic clinics offer a number of services to patients, including a full health screening.

The late star had made no secret, in the months leading up to his death, of his intentions to look after himself more and get in better shape.

And it's clear he was trying to practise what he preached in the days leading up to his passing, given his visit to the leading clinic.

He had spoken previously about how he had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and was warned he could faced the danger of developing diabetes.

The 53-year-old was renowned for his love of the high life and has been described as the ultimate bon viveur, who loved nothing more than boozy dinners out in top restaurants.

Keeping trim was an ongoing battle, despite him fronting hit weight-loss programme Operation Transformation.

He famously shed two stone after being prescribed diet pill Reductil in 2007 but later blamed it for making him feel anxious.

The same drug was later withdrawn from the market amid concerns it could increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

He blamed his heavy work schedule as one of the reasons why he didn't have time to work out in the gym.

In a recent interview with the Herald, he described himself as a heart attack waiting to happen.


"I've been warned about my diet many times. Sure I have the team on Operation Transformation's hearts broken by following my own programme instead of theirs," he said.

"I had lost a stone last year before the series began and I could really feel the difference. You have more energy when you're not carrying the extra bulk around.

"My cardiac health was a lot better last time I had it checked out and my blood pressure was at a good rate. Unfortunately I can feel it starting to creep up again, which is a worry."