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Stand-up comedian called garda 'bacon, cabbage and spud-munching culchie'


Alex Lyons

Alex Lyons

Alex Lyons

A STAND-UP comedian who called a garda a "bacon, cabbage and spud-munching culchie" during a disturbance at a Dublin hospital has been ordered to keep the peace for a year.

Alex Lyons (52) was being removed by security from A&E over a parking dispute when he shouted the insult at the investigating officer.

He had denied using threatening, abusive and insulting words, his defence arguing that it was not a crime to call someone a culchie.

Dublin District Court heard Lyons was a comedian who wrote for television and radio, including Marty Whelan's show on Lyric FM.

Judge Ann Watkin put him on a bond to keep the peace after he made a €150 charity donation.

Lyons, of Loreto Avenue, Rathfarnham, had pleaded not guilty to causing a breach of the peace at St James's Hospital.

The court heard he had been treated for a stroke before returning on May 9.

He claimed that he had been discharged incorrectly, did not receive illness benefit and demanded to see a social worker.

Lyons claimed when he refused to move his car and sat down in protest that security treated removed him forcibly, "hog-tied" him and sat on him.

Garda Shane Lohan said he was called to the hospital to find Lyons being restrained on the ground by security staff.

"He said 'f*** you, you nazi, you bacon, cabbage and spud-munching p***k'," Garda Lohan said.