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Stand by for more chaos as massive blizzard moves in

The east coast faces more weather chaos -- if a predicted snow blizzard hits late on Sunday and Monday.

AA Roadwatch has urged local authorities to use "every last bit of gritting they have" to keep roads open over the two days.

Snow storms coming in off the Irish Sea are forecast for Dublin and Leinster, driven by bitterly cold, biting, easterly winds.

AA Roadwatch spokesman Conor Faughnan has warned that if the blizzard hits, people should be extremely careful as it will "make a bad situation worse".

"It does look a very scary prospect," he said today. "Unfortunately Met Eireann has been extremely accurate in their weather predictions so far and if Monday is as bad as we fear, a large number of people simply won't be able to travel."

The predicted snow storm could mean that the east coast "will start looking like the south of England" and "for a day or so large parts of the population are going to have to sit tight".

Tomorrow is expected to be dry but very cold with severe frost and ice while on Sunday sleet and show showers are predicted in the south and east.


By Monday, which once again will have plunging temperatures, there will be frequent showers of sleet and snow with a strong easterly wind which is forecast to cause "significant accumulations and drifting".

"I hope at the very least we will be able to keep roads safe. Roads will have to be gritted and the last of the diminishing grit supplies will be needed. It's a question of bracing ourselves and hoping for the best."