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Staggering rise in robberies and assaults in city


Burglaries. Picture posed

Burglaries. Picture posed

Daithi De Roiste

Daithi De Roiste


Burglaries. Picture posed

A STAGGERING increase in robberies, assaults and thefts has been recorded in various parts of the capital.

Some areas of the city saw a 50pc increase in burglaries, while property crime across the capital has increased by 2pc this year.

The figures supplied to Dublin's Joint Policing Committee show sharp rises in a number of areas of crime across three major garda districts.

JPC chairman councillor Daithi De Roiste said it is clear cutbacks to garda resources are taking their toll.

While the statistics show a fall in the likes of public order offences, several garda stations have seen increases in robberies, assaults causing harm and thefts.

The Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR) district for Kevin Street and Kilmainham saw a 50pc rise in burglaries compared to 2013.

In total, 559 burglaries were investigated by gardai, according to figures provided by Chief Superintendent Michael O'Sullivan.

The same district saw a 13pc increase in property crime as well as jumps in robberies and different types of theft.

While there was a decrease recorded in public order offences, a reversal of trends was recorded in assaults.

Separately, theft in Crumlin increased, as did burglaries and property crime.

But gardai reported a 61pc fall in the number of cases involving the sale and supply of drugs.

Terenure, which comes under the same district as Crumlin, saw burglaries jump by a third this year.

However, the figures supplied to the JPC indicate a 71pc drop in robberies from an establishment as well as in the area of theft.

But gardai investigating the sale and supply drugs in the southside location reported a 129pc increase. This meant that officers dealt with 16 such cases last year, compared to just 7 in 2013.

Crime areas such as thefts and robberies saw significant hikes in the number of cases investigated by officers in Ballyfermot, the figures show.

Speaking to the Herald last night, Daithi De Roiste said garda cutbacks are proving to be a real problem in the city.

"The gardai are working in an environment of cutbacks and simply need to be supported more on the ground. It is not good enough that this Government has continued to suck resources from policing in this city whilst normal gardai operate in threadbare conditions," the Fianna Fail councillor said.


"Law and order and the protection of homeowners needs to be number one priority for 2015. People need to know that when they are in crisis and call on gardai, that officers have resources to respond immediately," he added.

Gardai are now involved in a number of inter-agency approaches aimed at tackling drugs and anti-social behaviour in Dublin City.

These include the operation of street outreach teams, which interact with drug users on a case-by-case basis to assist them in availing of housing and treatment programmes.