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Staff want more info on wages of colleagues

Discussing salaries in the office is still a taboo subject, with only a third of workers knowing what their colleagues earn, according to a new study.

A survey of more than 1,000 employees by jobs website Glassdoor found that people usually discovered how much a fellow worker was paid through office gossip, someone being open about the subject, or by seeing sensitive information left lying around.

There is a "significant appetite" for more salary information in the workplace as 60pc of those polled believe companies should be forced to be more transparent.


Many said transparency would increase trust between employer and employees or help eliminate the gender pay gap. Around two in five workers said they would feel comfortable sharing their salaries, increasing to half if it was anonymous.

Jon Ingham, of Glassdoor, said: "People don't generally like talking about how much they earn directly with friends, colleagues or even partners, but there is a growing appetite for more salary transparency in the workplace.

"As well as forcing employers to create a more level playing field, it could help break down the gender pay divide."

Only one in five employers shares salary information internally within their company and 13pc outside the organisation, said Glassdoor, adding that this makes it difficult for workers to benchmark themselves.