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Stabbed Irene's sister pleads for clues on killers

THE sister of murdered mum-of-three Irene White has pleaded with anyone who has information on her death to come forward.

Anne Delcassian's appeal came on the 7th anniversary of Irene's murder as friends and family gathered to remember her. The 43-year-old was found lying in a pool of blood in her kitchen with multiple stab wounds on April 7, 2005.

Her mother Maureen, who discovered her body, died a few months later on what would have been Irene's birthday.

Gardai made a number of arrests but there was not sufficient evidence to bring a prosecution against her killer.


The family home Ice House in Dundalk, Co Louth, is next to the public park where a vigil in Irene's memory was held yesterday. The 50 or so people gathered also remembered other women who died violently.

The event was organised by her sister Anne Delcassian who renewed her appeal for those with information on the murder to come forward.

"These people are still hiding information which I find inconceivable," she said.

"I know there is pressure on people but seven years down the line I believe they should come out. Why should they lie for somebody else? All I ask of you is to come forward now."

Ms Delcassian believes that up to nine people were involved in her sister's death.

"There would have to have been drivers and people keeping a look-out," she said.

"Something like that could have been planned for a number of years."

The murder is now one of the 'cold cases' with the Garda Serious Crime Review team.

She said she has confidence in the review team because, "they are very professional and a polished group of people.

"It is a dedicated team to deal with cases that are unresolved and, please God, they will get somewhere."

Garda Superintendent Gerry Curley, Dundalk, said "the investigation is very much live and active."


Ms Delcassian also pledged her support for a campaign by the European Alliance Justice For Families, which wants to develop family justice centres across Europe and changes in legislation.

She said: "I want to look at what changes can be made to make women safer in their own homes."

Margaret Martin, director of Women's Aid, attended the vigil and said that since 1996 the organisation has collected data on the number of women killed and the figure now stands at 174.

"One of the tragic things is that the majority of those women, over 60pc, have been killed in their own homes.

"So a place all of us are supposed to feel safe for so many women has been a point where they have actually met their death," she said.

The helpline for Women's Aid is 1800-341-900.