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St Paul's loses out in protest

Anti-capitalist protesters outside St Paul's Cathedral could remain in place for months despite pleas that the church and local businesses are suffering as a result.

The London cathedral is losing thousands of pounds per day as a result of being forced to close over health and safety concerns about the protest camp on its doorstep.

A second site has been established on Finsbury Square in Islington in order to ease numbers, but activists outside St Paul's have pledged to remain there indefinitely.

Their renewed enthusiasm came as thousands of Sunday worshippers were turned away yesterday at an estimated cost of more than £20,000 (e23,000).

Jobs was a fan

of Facebook

APPLE co-founder Steve Jobs, who mentored Silicon Valley technology leaders in the months before he died, said he admired Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for "not selling out."

"We talk about social networks in the plural, but I don't see anybody other than Facebook out there," Jobs, who died on October 5, told biographer Walter Isaacson in excerpts of an interview released online by 60 Minutes, the CBS television show.

Isaacson's biography goes on sale today.

Soldier dies in

Afghan attack

A Polish soldier has been killed and several others injured in an attack on a patrol in Afghanistan.

The Defence Ministry said the attack occurred in the province of Ghazni.

The soldier was identified as Mariusz Deptula. The ministry said another soldier sustained a leg wound and would be evacuated to Poland.

Women slower

to lose L-plates

Women take more driving lessons than men and spend a lot more in their attempts to throw away their L-plates.

But men are only two months "ahead" of women in passing their test, being 19 years and five months old on average, compared with 19 years and seven months for women, a survey found.

The poll showed women take an average of 22 driving lessons compared with a figure of 16 for men.