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PROFITS for Irish sports agent Ricky Simms raced ahead quicker than 'Bolt-lightning' last year.

The country's own Jerry Maguire has been the trusted agent and confidante of the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt, for over a decade now.

New accounts show that the Jamaican's double Olympic glory in London last summer contributed to Simms's Pace Sports Management Ltd recording a profit of £152,222 (€176,311).

The figures returned to Companies House in the UK show that the firm's accumulated profits increased from £321,773 (€372,659) to £473,906 (€548,888).

Simms's firm also represents one of the other big stars from the 2012 Olympics in London – double gold-medal winner, Mo Farah.

Simms helped Bolt earn an estimated $20m (€15.2m) in 2012 through appearance fees, sponsorship deals, prize money and bonuses.