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Sponsorship spill-over from London 2012

In less than 18 months, London 2012 will get off the starting blocks with a worldwide audience of about four billion people.

And while Ireland is not the official host of the global spectacle that is the Olympics, we may not have an event like it on our doorstep again for years to come.

It is the closest thing to a 'home games' that Ireland may experience, says Claire Turvey of Pembroke Communications.

The most visible spill-over so far has been in sponsorships, with Kraft-owned Cadbury being the official Olympic treat provider.

Apart from Britain, Ireland is the only other European market for Cadbury's €15m Spots v Stripes campaign (right). Our proximity to London and shared language influenced the decision. Cadbury's commitment to the Olympic sponsorship in Ireland includes at least two new product launches.

Allianz signed up as an official sponsor of Paralympics Ireland. The body will gain from London 2012.

In January 2010, Paralympics Ireland had one partner, O'Neills. In January 2011, it had jumped to 10 and they hope to add another four. Outside the host country, Olympic and Paralympic sponsors must sign separate deals with the rights holders in various countries. Cadbury is an official sponsor of the Olympic Council of Ireland and Paralympics Ireland.

The provision of sports facilities could have been a boost for Ireland. But the quality and quantity of facilities here compared to neighbouring France, Belgium and Holland, killed off any real hopes. However, UCD has marketed itself as a base for track and field events to Olympic councils in 230 countries.