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'Spiked drink' thug locked up

A MAN who claimed his drink had been spiked when he put a street sign through the window of a pharmacy, where he was refused entry, has been jailed for four months.

Gareth Marlow (29) threatened he would "knock the heads off" staff at the chemist's, then spat and kicked at them before causing more than €1,300 of damage to the double-glazed reinforced glass.

He maintained somebody had dropped ketamine into his drink.

Marlow, of Walkinstown Drive, pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage at Cleary's pharmacy, Talbot Street on February 18.

Jailed for 'lark' in a stolen car

A FATHER of two who was a passenger in a stolen car has said it was an "ill-advised drunken lark".

Padraig Murphy (24) jumped from the passenger seat when the gardai approached him, and he was chased for some time before he gave himself up.

A judge sentenced Murphy to six months in prison, telling him that he was a father of two young children and it was time for him to "get real".

The defendant, of Lindisfarne Green in Clondalkin, admitted the offence before Tallaght District Court.

Drunk new dad sent to prison

A NEW father whose son was born with a hole in his heart has been told by a judge that he should be at home caring for the child and not drunkenly hanging around a bonfire in the middle of the night.

Shane Malone (22) was told to go home by gardai on at least three occasions but he failed to do so and ended up being arrested.

A judge sentenced Malone to one month in prison.

Judge Patrick McMahon also activated a two-month suspended sentence, saying he gave the defendant a chance last February but he was out committing offences within a month.

Malone, of Sandyhill Terrace, Ballymun, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to public drunkenness.