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Speed cameras in 60 new safety zones to cut reckless driving


Speed vans will police zones

Speed vans will police zones

Speed vans will police zones

More than 60 new speed camera zones are being set up in Dublin in a major crackdown on reckless drivers.

A total of 903 new safety areas will be implemented across the country from 6am on Monday, while 574 previous zones have been removed following a review.

The overall total of these regions is 1,322 and they can be viewed on an interactive map on garda.ie.


The zones will be policed using a fleet of marked vehicles, with cameras continuing to operate from speed vans as before.

The vans used will still be marked with high-visibility reflective material and display a safety camera symbol on the side.

Dublin will see the biggest increase in the number of safety camera zones, up from 229 to 291. Co Cork is also getting a beefed-up presence, from 96 to 138, while Sligo is receiving the smallest increase, from 17 to just 20.

Gardai said that the new zones highlight locations which carry "high risk" of speed-related collisions.

The breakdown of the increase of speed zones for Leinster is as follows: Carlow: 11 to 16; Dublin: 229 to 291; Kildare: 55 to 75; Kilkenny: 17 to 29; Laois: 8 to 14; Longford: nine to 16; Louth: 18 to 34; Meath: 49 to 72; Offaly: 16 to 24; Westmeath: 16 to 24; Wexford: 15 to 36; and Wicklow: 27 to 40.

Gardai believe that the new 'GoSafe Zones' will reduce life-changing injuries and fatalities from traffic collisions.

"We urge drivers to be fully aware of the posted speed limit and drive within the speed limit for the duration of their journey," said Superintendent Tony Lonergan, of the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau.


"Ongoing surveys will be conducted to ensure that these sections of roads continue to represent locations where speeding is happening."

The number of road deaths has dropped significantly from 415 in 2000 to 148 in 2019.

Since 2011, safety cameras have been credited with preventing 71 deaths on Irish roads.

To date there have been 13 road deaths in 2020, just seven weeks into the new year.

Of those deaths three were drivers, seven were passengers and two were motorcyclists.