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Space mission halted by bolts Toddler dies in gun accident 140 couples in huge wedding

Astronauts ran into trouble trying to move the International Space Station's new observation deck, and the job was put on hold as Mission Control debated what to do.

Space station commander Jeffrey Williams was loosening a series of bolts to release the domed lookout when one jammed. He backed out of the procedure and tried again, when another bolt jammed.

Toddler dies in gun accident

US Virgin Islands police said the toddler son of an officer was killed after apparently shooting himself with his father's gun.

Emergency services found the three-year-old boy dead of a gunshot wound to his upper body at the officer's apartment. An investigation says the toddler had found his father's service weapon.

140 couples in huge wedding

SOME 140 couples chanted "I do" in unison at a St Valentine's Day ceremony in Peru's capital, Lima.

City officials said they are encouraging couples to formalise long-term relationships.