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Space-age dome - for growing lettuce

GREEN-fingered Fatima Mansions residents are to produce 1,000 heads of lettuce a week in a space-age dome.

The city's first geodesic grow dome - to be officially opened later this month - incorporates hi-tech gardening methods that can produce crops year-round.

"You can grow pretty much anything," one of the dome's founders, Niall O'Brien, told the Herald.

The initial trial will see the gardeners producing only lettuce for the local community centre for its cafe and cookery classes.

The dome is heated year-round, by woodstoves in winter months and solar panels for the rest of the year. It harvests rainwater and is essentially self-sustaining, said Mr O'Brien.


At night the garden will be transformed into a venue for plays, music and yoga.

"We have already had interest from other areas - everyone who sees it wants one," said Mr O'Brien.

"We hope it is the first of many around Dublin city. Fatima deserves something like this."