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South County Dublin Crime Watch: Concern over tag on property



RESIDENTS in Ballybrack have raised concerns about a graffiti tag which they fear is being used as a signal to burglars.

The mark is a series of overlapping Xs.

One local noticed the tag on a slide in the garden of a residence in the area.

Local Fianna Fail councillor Cormac Devlin has said that the mark is most likely the result of young people messing around but has advised people to be cautious all the same.

Local gardai have been tackling the general problem of graffiti in the area.


Blackrock: Car and hedge are set on fire

A RESIDENT of the Meadow Vale estate in Deansgrange, Blackrock, was left distressed when their hedge and car were set alight recently.

Petrol was used to set the car on fire when it was parked alongside the house.

The incident occurred in the last week of June.

"The residents were left in a very distressed state," said a source.

"Their fear was that the house could have gone up in flames because it was so close.

"It is suspected that it was vandals at work but it's a very serious incident which could have caused a lot of damage.

"It's certainly not funny or something to be done lightly," they added.


Dun Laoghaire: Residents' alert on vehicle thefts

RESIDENTS in Dun Laoghaire have been alerted to a number of car thefts in the area in recent weeks.

In Ardmore Park two vehicles were stolen from the same house.

A car and an SUV were taken from the property on the same night.

The SUV was later recovered though many changes had been made to it by the thieves.

Another car was stolen from a nearby estate around the same period.

"There is a very active community in the area, with several residents associations," said a source.

"It's a pity that these things are still happening."


Foxrock: Pair vandalised wall in estate

PEOPLE living in Foxrock have complained of recent anti-social behaviour in the area.

Local councillor John Bailey has said that he received a report of two young men who were spotted vandalising a wall in one estate in recent weeks.

Local gardai responded to a call and the pair were moved on.

However, they returned later in the evening and verbally abused the residents living nearby.

"Our local gardai are fantastic and can be seen regularly patrolling the area," councillor Bailey said.

"They are very visible and we hope that this type of behaviour will not become too common."


Mount Merrion: 'Charity' callers stole OAP's cash

PEOPLE living in the Mount Merrion area have been warned about bogus charity callers after an elderly lady had some cash stolen from her home.

Two young girls called to her property asking for donations to a charity and when the woman stepped inside to get her purse some cash was taken from another room of her house.

"She was very distressed about it," a source said.

"It's very important that people living alone are extra vigilant to people calling. You really can't be too careful these days."