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'Sort out your taxi system', frustrated passengers tell airport


A taxi rank at the airport

A taxi rank at the airport

A taxi rank at the airport

Dublin Airport has been urged to "sort out" its taxi system after it was accused of leaving passengers waiting at the ranks.

Social media users have dubbed the taxi system at the airport "the worst", while Dublin Chamber has said that a 24-hour transport system linking passengers to the capital is urgently needed.

The airport's transport system was criticised online by passenger Sinead McSweeney.

"Seriously @DublinAirport someone needs to sort out the (mis)management of the Terminal 2 taxi rank! Midnight, 20 fares in a queue and cars coming up in dribs and drabs," she tweeted.

Others agreed with her sentiments, with one person writing: "Totally agree, I was there at 8pm about 60 people waiting and they were only sending up two taxis at a time."


After a record 31.5 million passengers passed through the airport last year, Dublin Chamber has said that an improvement of taxi facilities at the airport was "vital" for the city.

"It's vital that we improve the options available for people looking to get to and from the capital," said its communications officer Graeme McQueen.

"Dublin is one of the only major cities in Europe that still doesn't have a rail link.

"The construction of a metro link, which will provide an underground link between the airport and Dublin city centre, cannot come quick enough."

Dublin Airport said the shortage of taxis overall in the city may be responsible for longer waiting times.

"At all times Dublin Airport has two people designated to manage the taxi rank at both T1 and T2," said a spokesperson for the DAA (formerly the Dublin Airport Authority).

"They are constantly managing the steady flow of taxis for customers and will issue a call out to airport permit taxi operators when there is a shortfall."