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Sorry Apple releases software to fix glitch

A contrite Apple has released a new update that it says will repair the problems caused by software it released earlier, repeating an apology to owners of its newest iPhones.

The tech giant had scrambled to fix the glitch that left some of its new iPhones unable to make calls, but some analysts say Apple's response may be more important than the fault itself.

Some said Apple was doing the right thing by quickly acknowledging the problem - which it was slower to do with earlier iPhone glitches.

"There's a perception that Apple has to get things right, and when they don't, the whole company gets questioned," said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel.


"But they came out and said, 'We apologise. We're working to fix it'. That's what matters."

Apple earlier apologised "for the great inconvenience experienced by users" and vowed to work "around the clock" to fix the problem.

The company has sold 10 million of the new iPhone models last weekend in what it has called one of the biggest product launches in its history.

Apple released the 8.0.1 update on Wednesday to fix some flaws that were detected after iOS 8 was released - only to find the 8.0.1 update created problems of its own.

The new problems included interference with calling and with a feature that lets people unlock their phones with their fingerprint.