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Son killed in taxi smash was no carjacker - mum

The mother of a man who was killed when he was propelled from a crashed taxi has said her son is not a "carjacker".

Jane Doyle was speaking at Dublin Coroner's Court at the opening of the inquest into the death of her son Alex Doyle (25) from Cuffe Street, Dublin 2, who died on June 8 this year as a result of injuries sustained when the taxi crashed into a lamppost and a line of cars at Mount Brown, near St James's Hospital.

The father-of-one was thrown from the car and one of his arms was severed in the crash. He was pronounced dead at St James's Hospital shortly afterward.

At the time of the incident it was alleged the taxi had been hijacked. However, this is in dispute. Joseph Robinson (24), of Forbes Lane, Dublin 8, faces a charge of dangerous driving causing the death of Mr Doyle.


At his bail hearing at Dublin District Court in June, Judge Michael Walsh heard that Mr Robison claims that he and Mr Doyle had been taking drugs with the taxi driver prior to the incident and had consent to drive the car.

At the opening of the inquest Ms Doyle gave evidence that she had identified the body of her son to Gda Stephen Murray at St James's Hospital on the day his death. He was her eldest son, she said.

A preliminary report from the post-mortem indicated Mr Doyle died from "multiple injuries sustained in the incident".

Speaking from the body of the court, Ms Doyle said: "I want the press to leave my son alone. He couldn't drive and they have put him down as a carjacker. Which he wasn't. Why don't they just get off the bandwagon and let my son rest in peace?"

Detective Inspector Sean Campbell asked the coroner Dr Brian Farrell for an indefinite adjournment to allow time for the criminal proceedings to be completed, which was granted.