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Son desperately tried to get help after mum was brutally killed with samurai sword

Husband arrested after ‘standoff ’ with armed gardai


Gardai at the scene of the killing. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Gardai at the scene of the killing. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Gardai at the scene of the killing. Photo: Steve Humphreys

The son of a mother-of-two killed in a violent attack with a samurai-syle sword tried desperately to get her help.

But the victim, named locally as 57-year-old Jean Eagers, was already dead at her west Dublin home by the time gardai had rushed to the scene.

Officers were then forced to use flashbang grenades to get safe access to the house.

Ms Eagers' husband, William (60), has been arrested after a dramatic stand-off with gardai.

The incident happened at the Willow Wood Grove estate in Clonsilla at around 11.30am.


Neighbours said the peace of their mature estate was shattered at around 11am when Jean's son, who is in his 20s, ran from the house shouting for help and for someone to call gardai.

Moments later, armed officers arrived at the house and a confrontation took place with her husband William, who was still inside the house.

Neighbours described the sequence of events when members of the garda armed support unit, district detective unit, and local units arrived.

"There were armed gardai at the door shouting who they were and telling him to open the door, but he was shouting at them 'put down your weapons, there's nobody coming in here' and so there was a bit of a standoff," said one woman.

"Then the gardai broke a pane of glass in the living room window and threw in two flash grenades. When they went off there was two bangs and flashes and then the gardai burst into the house. A short while later they came out with Billy in handcuffs with blood on his head. Nobody could believe what was going on."

"We are all in shock," said one man.

Gardai and members of the technical bureau were at the scene yesterday afternoon carrying out a forensic examination.

Sources said a long samurai-style sword was recovered from the scene. The pane of glass that had been shattered by gardai could be seen at the front of the house, with the broken glass scattered on the driveway below it.


Jean's body was removed for a post mortem examination after an initial examination at the scene in the quiet suburban estate.

Neighbours watched on in disbelief as the morgue ambulance took away the body of their good friend.

Gardai in Blanchardstown confirmed a woman received fatal injuries as a result of the incident at the house.

"A man has been arrested at the scene and is currently detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 at Blanchardstown Garda Station," said a garda spokeswoman.

He can be held for up to 24 hours before being charged or released, but that time period can be extended if requested by gardai and if rest periods are taken into consideration.

The house is a semi-detached dormer bungalow on the corner of the quiet road in the estate.

"Jean was a lovely woman. They were a good couple. We never saw this coming," said one neighbour.


"They would wave at you as they passed by. This is just hard to understand," the neighbour added.

"They were out cycling together and getting exercise during the lockdown," said another neighbour.

"It's hard to believe. Their eldest child, a daughter, only got married last year."

Jean worked in the nearby Marks & Spencer store in Blanchardstown, and the couple had lived in Willow Wood Grove for around 20 years.

"We don't know what has happened but it's a very upsetting day for this community," said local Fine Gael Councillor Kieran Dennison.

"This is a quiet area and the community is in shock."

Fianna Fail Councillor Tom Kitt said he was on his way to a minute's silence in Blanchardstown Garda Station for Garda Colm Horkan and saw a couple of garda cars on the way, rushing to the scene.

"It's a very sad time, it's so tough on the people left behind. No matter what you say or do an incident like that it affects the whole community," he added.

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