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Son cleared of punching his mum's ex-partner

A YOUNG man has been cleared of punching his mother's ex-partner and leaving him with a cut above the eye following a doorstep row.

Ben Merriman (22) claimed he hit William Murphy once in self defence, after Mr Murphy tried to "push and shove" his way into his home.

Mr Merriman said he told Mr Murphy he was not welcome at the house but he "walked through me as if I wasn't there".

Judge Anne Watkin dismissed the charge, saying she was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt.

The accused, of Meadowlands Mews in Dun Laoghaire, had denied assaulting William Murphy on June 24, 2012.

Mr Murphy claimed he had dropped his children home and had bent down to leave a bike at the gate when Mr Merriman punched him in the face.

Mr Murphy claimed he was left with a gash over the left eye, which required four stitches to the wound.

Cross examined by defence lawyer Marc Murphy, the alleged victim denied he tried to push and shove past Mr Merriman, who had told him he was unwelcome at the house.

Mr Merriman told Dun Laoghaire District Court he met Mr Murphy at the front gate and told him not to come onto the property.

He said Mr Murphy tried to push past him and he hit him once in self defence.