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'Someone could've died in reckless fire attack'


The badly damaged car is taken away

The badly damaged car is taken away

The badly damaged car is taken away

Gardai are on the hunt for two hooded arsonists who terrified residents at a Dublin apartment complex.

A car and several wheelie bins were badly damaged in the early-morning attack in Cedarbrook, Cherry Orchard, Dublin 10.

One panic-stricken resident said people were lucky that the flames were spotted by a neighbour before anyone was killed.

CCTV footage showed the arsonists calmly walking away from the blaze.

Further CCTV footage in the residential area is also being considered by gardai.

The wheelie bins were stored in bin cages, located close to a parking space.


Wheelie bins on fire inside the cages

Wheelie bins on fire inside the cages

Wheelie bins on fire inside the cages


One resident - who lives in the complex with their two children - described the senseless attack as "really, really frightening".

They had come home from work during the night and had been asleep in bed when neighbours began frantically ringing the doorbell.

The panicked neighbours were warning that the bin inferno was coming dangerously close to the parked cars.

"I got home at about half three or so and about quarter to seven I heard my doorbell going," the homeowner said.

"I was met by two of my neighbours, who were absolutely frantic.

"They were shouting at me, telling me to get my car keys. They said there was a fire. There was one man who wasn't so lucky - the side of his car was all set on fire."

Locals have described the early morning attack as "mindless, immature behaviour".

One said the arsonists had "no regard for people's possessions or anybody's life or anything".

"If the fire hadn't been noticed when it was, it could have been an awful lot worse," they added.

"If more cars had caught on fire, and exploded, the flames would have reached the apartments. Had that happened, someone could easily have been hurt or killed, or God knows what.

"This is a lovely estate. It's a really close community and everyone gets on really well. It's not normal for things like this to go on.

"It was only kind of afterwards, when I was looking up and seeing all the flames, that I realised it was really, really frightening."

A garda spokesman said that officers from Ballyfermot Garda Station were investigating.

"Up to 11 wheelie bins and a car were damaged by fire during the incident in Cedarbrook Avenue, Cherry Orchard, on Sunday, November 18," said the spokesman.


"Dublin Fire Brigade and gardai were called to the scene at approximately 6.30am, when the alarm was raised by local residents.

"There was no one injured. No arrests have been made to date and enquiries are ongoing."

Local councillor Daithi Doolan has said an integrated approach is needed to solve such issues.

He called for more visibility from gardai in the area to fend off such antisocial behaviour.

"The level of antisocial behaviour last weekend was totally unacceptable," he said.

"I will be working with residents of Cedarbrook to ensure this never happens again."

Residents of the apartment complex have since met to discuss the attack.