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Some old-style Hollywood glamour that Kimye and Co can only dream of having

So, an internationally renowned human rights lawyer has gone and married an actor.

And yes, I'm crying into my laptop as I write this, because of course the famous barrister is the clever, brave, beautiful Amal Alamuddin and the actor is, sniff, my Gorgeous George.

I spent the weekend playing down the magnitude of this betrayal. By playing down George's absolute fabulousness as the ex-most eligible bachelor in the world, I'm convincing myself that if he couldn't wait for me, at least he wed someone worthy of him.

And by describing him as a mere 'actor' we're being far kinder than the New York Post were when they wrote about the Italian wedding of that other celebrity wedding couple earlier this year; the Kanye-Kardashians.

In contrast to the classy comments about philanthropy, human rights causes and good work we read in connection with the Alamuddin-Clooney union, the Post marked the wedding of Kim and Kanye by noting: "Two jack-asses got married in Italy Saturday."

Describing Kim as a "sex-tape star" and Kanye as an "egoist", the Post said that they wed in "a ceremony opulent enough for Florence's Medici Dynasty and tacky enough for reality TV".

Kimye tied the knot last May at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, (after a riotous pre-wedding jaunt to Paris) and scenes from their ultra tacky, OTT wedding were indeed shown during the "wedding-themed finale" of their reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

If you're hoping that George and Amal will do likewise, think again. They may have married in Italy but that's about as far as the comparisons go.


Where Kim and Kanye represent all that we love to hate about cheap reality pseudo-celebrity, George and Amal are the real deal.

Yes, they may be selling the photo rights of the big day to Vogue magazine, but it's all for a good cause dahling.

Venice last weekend was experiencing old-style Hollywood glamour not seen since the heyday of the Brat pack partying with Monroe and the Kennedys. It really was a La Dolce Vita affair. (And a far cry from George's first wedding to actress Talia Balsam which was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator in Las Vegas in 1989.)

George has come a long way since the days when he played Dr Doug Ross in the television drama E.R. As well as becoming a Hollywood heart-throb he's also a heavyweight political activist and a UN messenger of peace.

Meanwhile, his new bride has represented such high level personalities as Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former Prime Minister at the European Court of Human Rights and the wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.


Plus she's as glamorous as Jackie Kennedy was. With George at her side, they indisputably make the handsomest, cleverest, most impressive coupling we've seen since Barack married Michelle.

Which leads me to wonder...why exactly did this very private and classy couple opt for such a high profile - though very elegant - wedding? Is this the beginning of a public campaign?

Will Michelle and Barack be replaced - not by Hilary and Bill - but George and Amal? It's not beyond the realm of reality - let alone reality TV - if Ronald and Nancy could do it, it should be a doddle for this super-starry couple.

President Clooney and First Lady Amal, anyone? Or should that be the other way around? Watch this space...