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Solicitor faces court over missing €900k

The Law Society was expected to apply to the High Court today for a number of orders against a solicitor whom it is alleged has a €900,000 deficit in his firm's client account.

The society obtained permission to bring the proceedings from Mr Justice Peter Charleton at a vacation sitting of the High Court.

The judge made the matter returnable to today. The identity of the solicitor at the centre of the allegations was not revealed in court.

Paul Anthony McDermott for the Law Society will be seeking various orders against the solicitor, who operates a number of practices, including orders freezing the solicitor's bank accounts.

Counsel said in mid-August his client discovered that €600,000 was missing from the solicitor's client account. Counsel said that it was subsequently discovered that another €300,000 was missing.

Counsel said that the beneficiaries of that money were "as of yet unknown." The solicitor, counsel added, was on notice of the society's intended proceedings.

Counsel added that it was still open for the solicitor to apply to have the matter heard in private the Law Society and his client did not want at this stage to reveal the identity of the solicitor.