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Solicitor barred over tax dodge

A SOLICITOR who did not pay VAT on his professional services for four years has been suspended from practice by the High Court.

Michael Crawford, principal of Michael Crawford and Co, Lurganboy, Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim, failed to prepare accounts or submit tax returns from 2008 to 2011, a Law Society investigation found.

Damien Colton, an accountant in the society's regulation department, also found a number of other deficiencies in his practice.

Mr Justice Kearns said if he did not suspend him it would undermine the need for rigorous accounting required by the legal profession.

Chance to name 2 Pluto moons

Want to name Pluto's two tiniest moons? Then you will need to dig deep into mythology.

Astronomers have announced a contest to name the moons discovered over the past two years.

Three Pluto moons already have names associated with Hades and the underworld. They are Charon, the ferryman of Hades; Nix for the night goddess; and the multi-headed monster Hydra.

The two unnamed moons need similar references. Twelve choices are available at plutorocks.com.

Dogs grasp our point of view

Pet dogs may understand a human's point of view, according to new research which suggests they are more likely to steal food when they think nobody can see them.

Dr Juliane Kaminski, of the University of Portsmouth's department of psychology, found that when a human forbids a dog from taking food, dogs are four times more likely to disobey in a dark room than a lit room, suggesting they take into account what the human can or cannot see.

18 dead after snowstorm

The massive weekend snowstorm that hit parts of north-east America and Canada was blamed for at least 18 deaths.

The epic storm swept through on Friday and Saturday with 1-3ft of snow that entombed cars and buried driveways. Several people died from carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in snowed-in vehicles.