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Soldiers target of car bomber

A suicide car bomber killed three soldiers and wounded 32 others in an attack on a military base in Russia's violence-plagued republic of Dagestan.

In the attack in the city of Buinaksk, a driver smashed through a gate of the base and headed for an area where soldiers were quartered in tents.

But troops opened fire and the driver rammed the car into a military truck where it exploded.

After the blast, a roadside bomb hit a car taking investigators to the scene, but there were no injuries reported.

New survivor

of drug killings

El Salvador's president said a third person had survived the massacre of 72 migrants by suspected drug traffickers in Mexico.

President Mauricio Funes said the man made it to the US and his evidence would be key to the investigation.

Mexican authorities believe the Central and South American migrants were kidnapped by the Zetas cartel and shot dead after they refused to work for the gang.

US bid to cull grey wolves

US government agencies are seeking broad new powers to cull and remove grey wolves in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes, despite court rulings that restored the animal's endangered status in every state except Alaska and Minnesota.

Proposals include gassing pups in their dens, sterilising adult wolves and allowing "conservation" or "research" hunts to drive down the predators' numbers.

The rising number of wolves' taste for livestock and big game herds coveted by hunters has stoked a rising backlash against the animals.

JetBlue rebel

'wasn't fired'

A US flight attendant who told off a plane full of passengers then slid down an emergency chute resigned from his job and was not sacked, his lawyer said.

Steven Slater (38) left the job at JetBlue Airways last Wednesday, after he had been suspended following the on-board antics last month, Daniel Horwitz said.

His comments came after New York City-based JetBlue said Mr Slater was no longer an employee but did not give any details, which prompted online speculation he had been sacked.