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Soccer star Aiden's doctor girlfriend rushed to hospital

THE girlfriend of Irish soccer star Aiden McGeady has been rushed to a top medical facility in Moscow, according to reports.

Claire Healy was taken to one of the Russian capital's top hospitals amid reports that she was suffering from health problems.

One Russian news website filmed the Irish winger leaving the hospital but he refused to divulge details of Ms Healy's condition.

"I came to visit my girlfriend. She has certain health problems, but I won't go into any details," McGeady was reported as saying.

"It is our personal matter, I would not like strangers to know about. I hope it is nothing serious and Claire will return home soon," he said.

The player has reportedly been visiting the hospital several times a day. A spokesman for McGeady's club, Spartak Moscow said: "We do not comment on he private circumstances of our players."

McGeady has been a big success in Moscow since his €12m move from Glasgow Celtic during the summer.

He has scored several times for his new club and has helped them to second position in their Champion's league group behind English giants Chelsea.

His girlfriend, who is a qualified doctor, made the move to Moscow with McGeady and his agent over the summer.

Following his move, McGeady revealed that his motive for leaving Scotland was the constant abuse he suffered in Glasgow.


"Moscow is a huge city and it will be possible to have a degree of privacy," he said. "Glasgow really is a goldfish bowl and it's one of the things I'm glad to be getting away from.

"Neil Lennon (Celtic manager) said to me I might miss the adulation Celtic players get, but I'm not so sure.

"There is always someone wanting to have a go at you. I got into a few fights in the past and wish I hadn't."