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So what do you think?

Cameron Maxwell, 16, from Drumcondra: I am a big GAA fan and I really like the new one. I would buy it.

Leah Kane, 19, from Donnybrook:

It's nice and pretty stylish. I like the colour.

Matthew Coll, 16, from, Catholic University School: Yeah I like it. It's very different from the last one, but a change is good.

Katie Markham, 21, from Skerries: I think it is a little plain, but the colour is different. I am more of a fair weather GAA fan anyway.

Steffan Jolley, 21, from Bray: I prefer the old one, but I know they have to get new ones every year so they were right to change it up.

Joanne Carney, 22, living in the city centre: I prefer it to last year's one because I think it is more stylish and easier on the eye.

Amy Cooney, 22, living in the city centre: It's a better colour than last year's one and is nicer to look at.

Ciara Duffy, 20, from Wicklow: There is not as much colour and the brighter colour makes it stand out.