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So far from the Aras, Trish and Sean head to Cork after nightmare week

SHE had hoped to be packing her bags for the Aras this week but Trish Gallagher is now holidaying in Cork.

The wife of one-time presidential frontrunner Sean has taken refuge in the rebel county, the Herald can reveal.

As the nation prepares for the pomp and ceremony of the Michael D Higgins' inauguration, the youngest candidate and his wife are trying to settle back into normal life.

A friend revealed that Trish brought her husband back to her native county Cork to recuperate from the gruelling campaign.

She and her husband came very close to becoming Ireland's First Couple, until Sean Gallagher's commanding lead exploded during the historic Frontline TV debate.

"They are now taking some time out to recover from everything. It was a tough few weeks for everyone," said a source. "I don't think anybody could have imagined the way it turned out."

The source revealed that the couple decided to take a well-earned holiday in County Cork.

Trish is still known as Trish O'Connor in her native Kanturk where she is part of a popular and respected local family.

She was dubbed Gallagher's "secret weapon" during the campaign and adapted well to the pressure of long days and nights working on the campaign.

She had declared her previous job as sales rep for Vichy Skincare cosmetics for Munster prepared her for the tough travel commitments of the campaign.

"I would have been on the road travelling five days a week, living out of a suitcase and staying in hotels a lot, putting in a lot of hours, so it really prepared me," she said during the campaign.

And the petite brunette had spoken during the campaign of the couple's wish to welcome a new baby into their lives.

"We would both love it if we were blessed with children," she told the Herald.

"I think we definitely want to have more than one child. Maybe two. Maybe three," she said.

The couple are extremely close and have referred to each other as 'soulmates'. The couple love to go for long walks in the open countryside.

Trish said their "love for nature" helps "ground" them and "slows down the pace of life."

Following the hectic ups and downs of the most tempestuous presidential campaign in history, the couple are expected to take refuge for a while in the peace and quiet of Mother Nature.