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Snag for Santa as top toys for Christmas are sold out

Santa will be under pressure to grant every wish to children this Christmas -- since some stores are already out of stock on popular toys.

The LeapPad -- an iPad for children -- and Amelia's Dollhouse are already sold out at Smyths Toystores, with other shops also reporting a massive demand for these items.

The LeapPad retails at around €89.99 and Amelia's Dollhouse sells for around €119.99, proving that pricey toys are still being snapped up in the recession.

A spokesperson for Smyths said the two items were hugely popular, alongside the Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse.

"The LeapPad in particular has experienced phenomenal popularity and while we received some shipments of stock recently, it was only enough to cover those customers waiting on our text alert service and we do not expect any more until January.

"Amelia's Dollhouse will also not be available before Christmas."

Stores are also seeing a rush on interactive and talking robot toys Fijit Friends (€54.99).

Argos has also sold out of the LeapPad, as the Christmas rush brought about a surge in demand but expects to get a new batch in for next week.

Meanwhile, Jody Dillon from toysonline.ie said dolls houses are particularly popular, and there are 30 people waiting for the 'My Dream Mansion' toy.