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Smokes will ruin you, TV doc tells beauties

HEALTH expert Dr Eva Orsmond wants top models to quit smoking to save their skin -- and set a good example for young girls.

The Operation Transformation guru stressed the importance of being a role model to teens and said the combination of puffing on cigarettes and walking the runway is "ridiculous".

"In five years' time you'd be able to see a reaction on the skin, it's known to affect the skin hugely."

Dr Eva said that while it does aid weight loss, it is fatal, and that pageant queens should not be seen to endorse it.

"It does help control appetite, but it's foolish and we all know the consequences of it.

"I could easily point out 85pc of female smokers if I was put in a room and looked at them from a distance.

"I'm sad to see any model smoking, or a Miss Ireland, who should be a role model for health and beauty."

It comes after Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter said that some beauties in the industry use cigarettes as a way to stay slim.

Clontarf native Holly admitted that she has no immediate plans to ditch the fags, even though rugby star boyfriend Cian Healy does not like it.

Meanwhile, AR model Georgia Salpa is not convinced smoking helps shed pounds.

"Regardless, it's so bad for you and everyone knows it's not healthy," said the 26-year-old.


Georgia is trying to kick her bad habit once and for all and admitted that she worries it will damage her skin.

"I have the odd one and I am trying to give up, hopefully by the summer I'll be completely rid of it.

"I've cut down hugely, I'm only having one a day now, but I still would like to quit completely."

But AR pal Roz Purcell agrees with art student Holly and thinks that smoking is commonplace among many catwalk queens, especially overseas.

"I think it's something for them to do to keep their hands busy and stop them from nibbling at food."