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Smithfield crackdown 'working'

THE problem of stray horses in Dublin has improved since a crackdown on the Smithfield market.

Officials have had to seize 60pc fewer horses across the city in the wake of measures to curtail the size of the monthly fair.

The market, which takes place on the first Sunday of the month, has been subject to a multi-agency crackdowns since early last year.

New data shows some 195 horses were impounded between January and May last year. This compares to a figure of 77 for the first five months of this year, a drop of 60.5pc.

The decrease has been even more pronounced in Finglas and Ballymun, where 54 horses were seized in the period last year. Only 16 were seized in the first five months of 2012, a 70pc drop.

Dublin City Council has been unable to prevent the horse fair taking place altogether because of the long-established right to trade at the location.