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Smiling murderer Kenny enjoys a taste of freedom


Gangland killer Brian Kenny on a visit to Tallaght hospital.

Gangland killer Brian Kenny on a visit to Tallaght hospital.

Gangland killer Brian Kenny on a visit to Tallaght hospital.

ThIs is the first picture of gangland killer Brian Kenny as he enjoys a taste of freedom during a visit to Tallaght Hospital.

Kenny, who has repeatedly applied for parole in the hope of being released, was jailed for life for the murder of Jonathan O'Reilly in 2004.

He was pictured by the Sunday World as he was taken to Tallaght Hospital in handcuffs for a scheduled appointment last week.

He spent a number of hours there and smiled and joked as he was led back to prison.

Kenny, who is under investigation for a sinister attack on a young man, and his accomplice Thomas Hinchon have served 13 years of their life sentences.

They were banged up after evidence was given by state witness Joseph O'Callaghan.

The families of victim Mr O'Reilly and Mr O'Callaghan - who was forced on to the Witness Protection Programme and now lives outside Ireland - have strongly objected to their bids for freedom.

Some years ago, the Irish Prison Service found itself at the centre of a huge controversy when it emerged that psycho Kenny had been given preferential treatment behind bars and had been allowed out on a number of visits to his family in Co Louth. Despite being granted day release, neither his victim's family nor Mr O'Callaghan were informed.


Kenny and Hinchon got life sentences in 2005, and both were also found guilty of threatening to kill Mr O'Callaghan.

The teenager was living with Kenny and his partner at the time of the murder.

He told a court that the pair arrived back at Kenny's Finglas home and told him they had shot Mr O'Reilly (25) outside Cloverhill Prison.

He said Kenny then asked him to bury the gun and burn the clothes that he and Hinchon had worn.

During the trial, Mr Justice Michael Peart said the murder was "as cold, calculated and premeditated a slaying of a young man as can be imagined".

The Central Criminal Court heard Mr O'Reilly was shot outside the prison as he sat in a car.

A motorbike pulled up and a number of shots were fired.

Kenny modelled himself on TV gangster Tony Soprano, according to his former partner Rita Harling, who wrote a book that was published after he was jailed.