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Smashed GP's window when he couldn't see his doctor

A SICK man who demanded to see his doctor angrily smashed up a window in the doctor's surgery after he was told that he wasn't available to see him, a court heard.

Jonathan McGuirk (29) was very sick at the time of the incident, was addicted to heroin and was suffering delusions.

A judge sentenced the defendant to six months in prison suspended for one year.

McGuirk, of Cherry Avenue in Swords, admitted before Swords District Court to a charge of criminal damage.

The incident took place in a doctor's surgery in Swords village shortly before 1pm on December 11 last year.

Garda Barry Connor said McGuirk entered the surgery demanding to see the doctor.

Staff told him that the doctor was not available, and he would have to arrange an appointment.

Garda Connor said the defendant smashed a glass window in the waiting room, causing damage costing €200.

The defendant also admitted to driving without insurance or a licence on the Swords Road on November 30, 2009, and to stealing €35 worth of petrol at Topaz, Lissenhall earlier the same day.

The court heard that McGuirk has 47 previous convictions, including serious convictions for drugs and burglary.

Defence solicitor John Hennessy said McGuirk was quite ill, and was agitated when he went into the doctor's surgery, but did not put anyone in fear with his behaviour.

The court heard that McGuirk did not apply for bail on these charges, and was in Dundrum hospital until recently.

He is now on the medical wing in Cloverhill, and is much improved as he has no access to drugs or other temptations.

Mr Hennessy said McGuirk is stabilised on methadone, and is on the road to recovery.

Judge Brian Sheridan banned McGuirk from driving for three years and sentenced him to six months in prison suspended for one year.