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Small-time gangsters 'killed over €5k drugs'

GARDAI investigating the double murder of two small-time criminals believe they were killed in a row over drugs worth less than €5,000.

There have not yet been any arrests in the case of Ballybough men Joseph Redmond (25) and Anthony Burnett (31), who were shot and then incinerated in a stolen car in a remote forest near Dundalk, Co Louth in March.

However a major investigation is continuing on both sides of the border as sources confirm the chief suspects for carrying out the murders are Dublin criminals based in the North.

As part of their investigations, gardai have searched a house on Dublin's northside and seized a car.

A major part of the inquiry involves the analysis of mobile phones used by the gang.

It has also emerged that Redmond and Burnett were murdered because they got involved in a row with a north Dublin gang over a relatively small amount of cannabis.

"It was not a large quantity of cannabis at all, just a couple of nine-ounce bars. There was also some kind of dispute over a car," said a source.

Sources say the double murder was "very well planned" and that a gang of criminals from the Coolock area were behind it.

Among the suspects are two notorious brothers who have been nicknamed 'The Taliban' and are also the chief suspects for the double murder of two men in Finglas in November 2010.

One of the brothers is currently locked up, facing charges in relation to an attack on a former associate.

A key member of their gang -- nicknamed 'Mr Big' -- has been based in Spain's 'Costa del Crime' since a few days after the double murder.

He has been back in Dublin only once in recent months, and is understood to be directing operations from Alicante.