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Slump won't stop us partying as 20pc still going out twice a week

THE party is still going on for many young Dubliners who are determined to banish the economic woes.

One-in-five people continue to go out socialising at least twice in a week.

Figures from a new Herald/Millward Browne provide a much-needed boost for pubs, clubs and cinemas who have been badly hit by the recession.

Most people are still socialising, with 27pc of Dubliners going to the pub, a restaurant, theatre or cinema at least once a week.

One-in-eight normally go out socially at least once a fortnight, while 19pc said they were able to go once a month.

The results of the study suggest there is some light at the end of the recession for publicans and the owners of other entertainment outlets.

Just over one third of those surveyed said that they are "going out about the same amount" as this time last year, but 29pc said they are going out "a little less".

A similar figure noted that they were socialising "a lot less" while 4pc said they were going out more then before.


Those most likely to be staying in are in the 35-49 years old and the unemployed. A massive 69pc of unemployed people said their social activities have been cut.

However, one-in-five unemployed people still manage to go out two or three times a week. Another 27pc of unemployed people said that they continue to go out once a week.

Teenagers and those in their early twenties are the most likely to go out more than once in a seven-day period.

A massive 41pc in the 18-24 year old age group said that they go out two or three times in a week.

One-in-four retired people also go out twice every week.

One out of ten people surveyed never went out -- but these were mostly in the older age categories.

Just 2pc of 18-24 year olds responded that they had no social life, compared with 18pc of pensioners.

The least social group are those most likely to have debts or a young family.

Just 9pc of 35-49 year olds said that they socialise two to three time per week but a similar amount never go out at all.

Another 13pc socialise less than once a month. Some 28pc in that age category go out once a week.