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Slide down Bray Head on 90-metre water slide

Ireland's largest ever outdoor water slide is on its way to Bray.

As part of the Bray Summerfest, a 90-metre slide will be erected on Bray Head and while it is free to use only 700 people will be picked to go on it.

"It's the biggest-ever outdoor slide of its kind in Ireland," said Mick Glynn, managing director of the festival.

"There's nothing like this that has been done before. It's on the side of a mountain," added Mr Glynn.

The unusual mountainside location is known to many as the start of the popular cliff walk but on July 12 and 13 revellers will be able to fly down on a li-lo.


"People can apply in two weeks' time to go on the slide and the 700 people, from five years of age and up, will be picked at random," explained Mr Glynn.

The idea came from artist Luke Jerram who set one up in Bristol over the last May Bank Holiday weekend.

Almost 100,000 signed up for a chance to slide, but only 360 tickets were issued.

Mr Glynn hopes that they will be able to track the speed of people and he reckons that the speed will average out at 25km per hour.

The 300ft slide will be made from PVC sheets and bales of hay. It will be on a gradient of eight degrees.