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Sleeping criminal escaped gun attack on house party

THE criminal who escaped uninjured when a shotgun was fired into a house party on Sunday morning was asleep in bed at the time, the Herald can reveal.

Blanchardstown hood David Morgan (22) -- who lost the sight in one of his eyes after being shot in the head last year -- slept through the mayhem after three innocent partygoers were shot in the incident at the Easter house party at Corduff Grove.

Innocent Kenneth Smyth (25) whose dad owns the property and his pals Chantelle Brogan (19) and Lee Byrne (27) were injured by shotgun pellets in the attack at 4.20am on Sunday.

It is understood that Morgan's associate Gary Gleeson (26) was also in the house at the time but he escaped uninjured.

Morgan and Gleeson were both shot with a revolver in a daylight attack while they were drinking vodka and orange in Corduff Park in Blanchardstown in March of last year. Morgan was shot in the head and collapsed on the green area in front of children while Gleeson and his cousin managed to run to a house owned by a pal where they sought shelter.


Morgan was left in a critical condition after the Continuity IRA murder attempt and has now been left blind in one eye.

Sources say that he has remained a target for violent local vigilante factions because of his suspected role in numerous burglaries and was given an official warning earlier this year by gardai that his life is under threat.

A source explained: "The fact that Mr Morgan was staying in the house is being actively looked at but gardai are also working on the theory that whoever fired at the house did so because they were annoyed at the house party.

"There are a number of Republican criminal factions based in that locality who regularly take the law into their own hands and this could well be what happened on Sunday morning."

The three innocent victims of the gun attack were sitting on a couch in the front room at the time of the incident.

They were taken to James Connolly Memorial Hospital, Blanchardstown, for treatment. Their injuries were not life-threatening and all of have been released from hospital.

There were a number of youths in the house at the time of the attack. So far no arrests have been made.