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'Slave contract' described in document on laptop


 Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

A DOCUMENT found by gardai on Elaine O'Hara's computer en- titled "outline of slave" referred to a "contract" for slavery.

Written by an unidentified author, it stated slaves were "property, possessions, meat" and will "either be kept in a heavy-duty steel cage or a locked cell in my cellars".

The document was read out in its entirety to the jury by prosecutor Sean Guerin SC.

The court heard it was created on September 18, 2010.

Det Gda Brid Wallace agreed that given the two-minute editing time, it possibly originated somewhere else on the internet.

"I'm offering 24/7 sadistic and brutal treatment for masochistic slaves. Slaves are property, possessions, meat," the document began. "They are loved as a pet or as a cherished car.

"They are not a wife or a mistress.

" Slavery is a hard lifestyle to endure, you are not just a sex toy but a complete package. You will be offered an annual slavery contract with no early release for any reason. You will either be kept in a heavy-duty steel cage or a locked cell in my cellars.


"If you're good and collected merit awards, you will have a real bed with steel collar and chained in the room. Agreed limits will be in your contract and adhered to. "I'm looking for a poly-slavery arrangement. After initial training to my standards you will be expected to work as a slave part-time in my restaurant. You will be bought slutty outfits and a couple of dress outfits for formal occasions.

"I will not stand for breaking objects in a tantrum. It is the only thing that will result in a very, very severe flogging.

"Nothing will be done that will result in your death or very serious injury."

Mr Guerin said it went on to say: "Slave or not, you are a person with just one life to live and you're entering a consensual relationship.

"I have most equipment and toys and can build more to suit individual sizes. I'm not here for online fantasies but the real thing.

"My aim is to create the perfect obedient masochistic slave."