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Slash room service at your peril - TV hotelier

TV HOTELIER John Brennan – manager of the Park Hotel in Kenmare – reckons that the bell might be about to toll on room service.

His comments come after the New York Hilton Midtown announced it is removing its room service offering this summer.

"Like New York, it may not be necessary for Dublin hotels to offer full room service," At Your Service presenter John told the Herald.

However he warned that if a hotel wants to ranked among the top few, room service is a basic requirement.

"For five-star hotels, it (room service) is a necessity. I'm of no fixed opinion when it comes to four-star hotels, but think it probably should be."

All hotels in Ireland are graded by Bord Failte on a star rating system, from one to five, with specific requirements necessary for each additional star.

As the grading system stands, there is no requirement for a three-star hotel to have room service, but many of the capital's three-star hotels offer it.

"Most hoteliers do not want to go away from the traditional hotel model," says Irish Hotels Federation president Michael Vaughan,

"We appear to be out of tune in Ireland with the requirements of modern travellers. Ireland is a tourism-led country and should be adaptable to change.

"Empty hotel restaurants are costing hotels money," he said, referring to the abundance of food and drink services available around the city centre that tourists often opt for over those in hotels.

Mr Vaughan advocates a more subjective approach to grading that will take into account new hotel models.

Bord Failte has also confirmed it's reviewing its current rating system.