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Sky's the limit for Lorraine's Keane's TV return


Lorraine Keane

Lorraine Keane

Lorraine Keane

Presenter Lorraine Keane is hoping to return to our TV screens this year after pitching shows to different stations for the autumn/winter schedule.

Lorraine previously presented Xpose on TV3 and is glad that UTV Ireland has brought more competition to the Irish market.

"I've been asked to pitch some ideas to all the stations, it's nice because I'm ready to do a bit more now because the girls are a bit older," she told the Herald.


"I've been asked to pitch things outside of entertainment as well because I've matured as a person, I'm a mother too.

"Things that interest me now are different to the things that would have interested me 10 years ago, before I had Amelia. From that point of view you evolve and change as a person," she added.

Lorraine (41) will also be presenting coverage of the Oscars on Sky Movies in February.

"They (Sky) do a panel show in London where we talk about all the movies and review them.

"Afterwards there's a show based entirely on the red carpet fashion at the Awards which is nice," she explained.