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Sky crew caught in snow drift in Dubin mountains

A TV crew had to be rescued when their sat-nav sent them into a 4ft snow drift on a remote mountain pass.

The Sky team, three men and a woman, had inter-viewed award-winning author Sebastian Barry at his home in south Wicklow on Monday.

It is understood the crew was heading for Enniskerry when their troubles began.

A spokesperson for the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team, which went to their aid, said they used a sat-nav system in their hired Volvo SUV. He said: "Unfortunately the route chosen by the sat-nav sent them on a picturesque tour of the back roads and mountain passes of south Wicklow. It led them from Aughavannagh up the steep incline to Slievemann -- a remote mountain pass that leads down into the Glenmalure valley."

They ended up stuck in deep snow after going off Military Road which runs from the Glenmalure Valley to Aughavannagh. They tried to dig themselves out but ended up alerting gardai at about 5pm.

The mountain rescue team was called in and within an hour had located them. It took another two hours to get the crew and their cameras safely out of the area. They were driven out in a Land Rover and spent the night in the Woodenbridge Hotel in the Vale of Avoca.

A member of of the mountain rescue team helped the crew to retrieve the stricken Volvo yesterday. They used a tree as support to winch it out of the snow.

Sebastian Barry said last night:"I had no idea they ran into trouble. They were tremendous people. I am sorry they had that difficulty. They came out, I thought heroically. They were fearless and dedicated. They were here for about two hours. We put some hot soup into them." He told how he also got stuck in the snow about four miles from his home and a neighbour had to pull his car off one of the slopes.