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Skoda driver may hold clue in hunt for missing Esra

A SKODA car driver may hold a vital piece of information to the case of a missing Dublin mum.

Esra Uyrun (35) disappeared without trace on February 23 in Bray.

Her family are appealing for the driver of a Skoda Octavia car which had a near-collision with her Renault Twingo car on the morning she went missing.

The mum-of-one's car would have been exiting Convent Avenue and turning onto Strand Road when the near-collision was picked up on CCTV images at around 8.40am.

Her sister Berna Fidan said that the near accident happened when Esra's car turned out on to the main road, without checking if the way was clear.


"The driver went on to the right side of her car, they were both side by side for a few moments, swaying from side to side," she said. "Then the driver overtook her car. "She would have been driving quite erratic."

Mrs Fidan, who has travelled over from the UK to desperately search for clues about her sister, said that the CCTV footage was not clear.

"It's impossible to see if she was alone in the car," she said. "We just want to see who was in the car with her, to see if it was her who was driving the car."

Esra's siblings have continued on the search for any clues and have been assisted by Countryside Emergency Response Team who undertook rock-climbing to search the cliff side area near Greystones. Berna said that Esra, who is originally from Turkey, had been lonely in Collinstown Grove, Clondalkin, Dublin, where she was living with her husband Ozgur and son Emin (2).

The last time Ozgur saw his wife of seven years was shortly after they woke at 7am.

But the family do not believe that she would have taken her own life and are now looking at the prospect that she was kidnapped or murdered.


"We don't believe that she would have done harm to herself. She was talking to neighbours earlier, asking them about where they had registered their children -- she wanted to register her baby in one of these places," Mrs Fidan said. "Someone who was not thinking logically would not have been talking about these things."

Anyone who either owns the Skoda car or knows who might own it should contact the gardai at Ronanstown on 01-6667700.