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Skellig Michael monastic site is Luke Skywalker's 'refuge' in Star Wars film - leaked clip


Mark Hammil as Luke Skywalker

Mark Hammil as Luke Skywalker

Mark Hammil as Luke Skywalker

STAR WARS fans have gone into hyperdrive about the authenticity of newly-leaked footage purporting to show Luke Skywalker's 'refuge' on Ireland's Skellig Michael monastic site.

The video supposedly depicted the hooded Jedi Knight crossing the island's unique rocky terrain and entering a dark cave in scenes from the eagerly-awaited Star Wars: Episode VII.

The clip, believed to be the first actual footage from the film - which has a Walt Disney watermark at the centre of the screen - was quickly deleted from Youtube, adding to speculation it may have been genuine.

Website TechnoBuffalo, which discovered the leak, reported: "It is shot on a cell phone looking at a computer screen, so the clarity is not the best. From the lighting and quickness of the images, this feels more like test footage than final shots for the film."

But it hasn't stopped Star Wars fans speculating about the scenes shot during the summer at the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site off the Co Kerry coast.