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Skeletons found in Luas works could Viking-era

SKELETAL remains discovered at Trinity College could date back to the Vikings, archaeologists have said.

Remains of at least five people were uncovered last month during the Luas cross city works.

Supervising archaeologists, Rubicon Heritage Services, said that it is too early to give an exact date of the bones but the possibility that the remains are Viking cannot be ruled out.

The bodies were discovered just north of the gates of Trinity College on College Green.

An initial examination of the remains has led the team to believe that there is at least one adult male and one 'sub-adult', or teenager, in the group.

Four of the five people were discovered in north-south oriented graves and there is no evidence yet that they were buried with grave goods. The lack of possessions is slightly unusual according to experts, but it is not unheard of.

A detailed examination will now take place on the ancient finds.

"This will reveal significantly more information about the lives and deaths of these individuals and the city in which they lived," a spokesperson said.

The remains were discovered about 1.5m below ground, ruling out the possibility that the are from post-medieval times.

A Viking Settlement was discovered in Temple Bar in 2011.