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Siva gets a black eye as he breaks up row


Siva Kaneswaran's black eye

Siva Kaneswaran's black eye

Siva Kaneswaran's bruised arm

Siva Kaneswaran's bruised arm


Siva Kaneswaran's black eye

The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran ended up with a black eye as he attempted to break up a domestic row on the streets of New York.

Siva (25) was walking in the Chelsea area of New York with his music representative when he saw a man attacking his girlfriend.

His representative told US celebrity news website, TMZ that Siva ran over to the couple and tried to break it up.

The Dublin native began telling the man to 'chill out' but the attacker yelled back, "This isn't about you".

The music rep said that's when the row started to get physical.

Siva tried to hold the man back but got punched in the face during the scuffle.

The man's girlfriend managed to run away during the scuffle and the attacker also fled the scene.

Siva's companion also said that Siva wanted to keep the fight and his shiner out of the spotlight but posted the picture of his black eye in the hope that the woman involved would get in touch to let him know that she was alright.

The Blanchardstown heartthrob has an unfortunate track record when it comes to good deeds.

Earlier this year, a homeless man attacked him outside a movie theatre in Denver when he tried to give him some money.

On a happier note, Siva and his fiancé Nareesha McCaffrey recently announced that they are planning on getting married next year.

"She wants to look like a princess and is more interested in a Cinderella-type of wedding which is perfectly fine and understandable," he laughed.

"The feel of the wedding will be classic and elegant, more like The Great Gatsby."

The couple relocated to LA after The Wanted split earlier this year and Siva is pursuing a solo career.