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Sister of missing Esra wants video seen by experts


Esra Uyrun and family

Esra Uyrun and family

Esra Uyrun and family

The family of a missing woman hope to enlist the services of a London-based specialist to re-examine CCTV footage.

Esra Uyrun was 38 when she disappeared on this date four years ago, after leaving her home in Clondalkin for an early morning visit to the local shops.

Her husband, Ozgur, and her family never saw her again.

Esra's sister Berna Fidan (50) marked the fourth anniversary of her disappearance with a trip to Ireland from her home in England to make a fresh plea for help.


"If anyone who knows anything, who has a heart and soul, I plead with them to come forward and put us out of our agony," she told the Herald.

"I'm begging for somebody to come forward with any information. If she's dead, we need to put her to rest."

Ms Fidan said she has been in touch with a specialist company to enhance CCTV footage that shows her sister's car being driven towards a car park in Bray on the day she disappeared.

The driver's face in the grainy footage, which the family believe could be Esra's abductor, cannot be made out.

"At the moment getting hold of the original footage represents our only hope," said Ms Fidan. "I've made contact with the gardai and Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to ask if it would be possible for a company in London to look at the tape.

"I just don't think there's the expertise here in Ireland to enhance the quality of the footage.

"But there's a company in London, which helped identify some of the people behind the Tottenham riots in 2011, who said they are willing to look at it.

"What I need is for the original footage to be released to them, and if it means a garda has to travel over to the UK with the footage I'd pay for his or her expenses."

Ms Fidan is convinced her sister did not kill herself, and said would never leave behind her only son, Emin.

She believes she was bundled into the boot of her car after leaving her home and abducted.

Emin is now six years old. When he asks where his mother is, his father tells him: "Mummy went to the shop and got lost."

Esra and Ozgur, who are of Turkish descent, moved from England to Ireland when he secured a job in Dublin. Emin was born here.

On February 23, 2011, Ozgur told her that he wanted to take the car to work. Esra told him she would use it first to go to the shops before he left. She was never seen again.


Her grey Renault Twingo was seen being driven erratically in Bray an hour later. CCTV recorded it almost being involved in a collision with a Skoda Octavia, but failed to capture an image of the driver. Gardai found the Twingo at 11pm on the seafront.

The fact that Esra's purse was found in the boot makes Ms Fidan believe her sister was locked in there by her abductor.

A year after she disappeared, her car keys turned up in a chip shop near her home.

Ms Fidan has visited Bray and put up missing posters in the hope someone might remember seeing her sister.