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Sins of TV presenter Kathryn... she's mad for wine and cheese

OPERATION Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas has revealed she can resist everything except red wine and cheese.

THE 32-year-old faces a battle to set a good example for the next crop of contestants on the healthy show.

"Cheese and red wine are my two big vices," she told the Herald. "I can't say no to them, but we all have our weaknesses."

Kathryn said that for the most part she sticks to a healthy eating regime, but finds things tend to go out the window come the weekend.

"I'm very good during the week but I'm terrible at the weekend. All my best intentions go. But I'm a realist when it comes to healthy eating and exercise; sometimes you've got to have treats. You've got to know what your limitations are."

The Operation Transformation star, who also presents The Voice Of Ireland, finds that she needs to hit the gym harder these days.


"I'm getting older and the older you get the more you need to exercise and the less you need to eat. I've had to start working harder. I walk my dogs and go to the gym twice a week. I've also just started Bikram classes."

She's finding the yoga classes, which take place in room heated of 40.6 degrees, fairly tough.

"The classes are really hardcore, you come out sweating buckets, but you feel so much better afterwards and you sleep so soundly."

The Carlow woman is now getting ready for her third year on RTE series Operation Transformation and is urging strong leaders to come forward for the next series. "We need strong and inspirational leaders," she said.

Kathryn said she has found the former contestants' commitment to the show, and their new fitness routines, impressive.

"That's always the worry; will they be able to maintain it? The show runs for so long and is so regimented. You have the whole country watching you and monitoring what you eat. But the real test is will they stick with it when the shows over.

"What we hope to do is give them the tools to keep the new lifestyle up. So far almost all the contestants have stuck with the change," she said.


Kathryn is also excited to be getting back to The Voice. "It's a great show to work on and I can't wait to get stuck back in."

She's also thrilled that RTE execs have finally announced the new member of the judging panel, Superstar singer Jamelia.

Kathryn says that she think Jamelia will be a great addition to the show and will inject new life into the series.

"I think she's going to be great. She's a brilliant artist."