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Sinitta's feeling the heat in latest jungle trialCLASH: Sinitta and Pat, right

DJ Pat Sharp has rounded on his fellow I'm A Celebrity -- Get Me Out Of Here! contestants -- blasting Sinitta for "wimping around".

The radio presenter lost his temper following Sinitta's poor performances in bringing meals into camp after her bush-tucker trials as she struggles with her fear of creepy crawlies.

And the sharp-tongued Smooth Radio host has now suggested she is "milking" her fears to make a name for herself.

Sharp told fellow campers, including actress Crissy Rock, Mark Wright and Dougie Poynter: "I think there's a bit of 'Ooooh look at me' -- she's not stupid, and she knows how the world works.

"She's milking it. She might have tried her best but it just wasn't good enough. I would not enjoy any of the things she's had to endure, but I would still not look like a moron doing them."

To silence from the others, Sharp added: "She looks ridiculous. She's wimping around on this show."


Viewers saw Sinitta struggle through a live trial last night winning just five meals for the 12 celebrities in the show.

Sharp also lambasted contestant Lorraine Chase for being "too nice" and for cuddling her teddy bear.

Sharp has also been vocal about Wright and Poynter's lack of knowledge. And he said he did not care what viewers thought of his outbursts and comments about the other stars.

"I'm just being honest. I don't care if everyone hates me for it, they can kick me out," he said.

"I don't care if people write me a letter and say I shouldn't have said things about them on the show. I don't give a flying f***."

Sinitta, however, has said she is pleased with her efforts: "I'm quite proud of myself even though I'm not coming back with a meal for everyone. I feel good, happy and elated because something is happening."